some time ago I got into an argument with a friend's little son, about 5-6 years old. I don't remember how the topic came that but i was insisting women could do anything and even drive dozers etc. He was defending they can’t. Sister got annoyed and told me stop arguing with a little child. But isn't that little boy will grow up believing women supposed to sit at home or work as teachers, nurses only? He will continue to look down on women, despise them…

And yesterday while giving my 4 years old nephew a lift he said my sister drives well. And I asked him if she can drive a truck, he said of course. What about dozer? yes, she can was his answer.
People's views about life is shaped first in family. Their opinions and believes are determined by the parents behaviours, thoughts, doings. Friend let her husband, father do everything. She is mostly like a house wife even if she works as a "teacher". My nephew's mother, my elder sister is an engineer, she works in the field with along men, she take care of everything at home because her husband mostly out of city because of his work. She goes on holidays takng her baby alone. My sister is also an engineer and as a single woman she does everything herself. Both have cars and my nephew grew up being driven here and there by his mother and aunt. We used to play cars, computer games, football together. In his opinion women aren't a gender that sit home, cook and clean only. When he needs something he thinks both his parents can do it (although can't say his father is good at everything at home like cooking for him simply). I hope his point of life won't change to women don't do that, men don't do this in the future.
I wish every mother and father can show their sons and daughters there is no classification of people by gender in life.

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