In the last weeks Obama said they are glad the going in Turkey... what you are glad of? our sons, brothers, father are bing killed by terrorist everyday. Soldiers, police forces, healt teams are being attacked and killed. You are happy for this?
of course it means your plans going on well. For years Turkey has been tried to get into the war. first the venomus spats between Esad and Erdoğan created a base for a reaction in two nations aganist each other. later the terror groups' act began. Turkey asked to fight aganist ISIS while America and Europe only talked. But couldn't enough to get reaction of public. They didn't want to get involved in a inwar of another country. is it Turkey's duty? not UN's? So the terror organization began its acts killing people on streets, on their beds. In one month over 40 people were killed... to get approval of public to have an army operation in Syria and it passed the assembly yesterday.
in spite of getting involved directly unlike Iraq & Afghanistan it is easy and comfortable to control events from behind right?

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