I am sick and tired of terrorism. since my childhood I have been watching/reading news about terrorist attacks, the death of people, soldiers, doctors, teachers, engineers, children, babies, people killed by terrorists. Watching my uncle die everyday while his son killed once for years... The stories of being how good people they were or how much their families needed them but they are all became sacrifices of the dirty politic games of G5 countries. To become the most powerful one over others, to exploit the other countries sources, to make money to survive over the people of other countries, to fight against Islam by creating a negative image on it they create and support terrorism. And some idiots believe it is my country that is terrorist, it is Islam that is terrorism.  I am sick and tired of this. We have been suffered, suffering from terrorism the most, Muslims suffered and suffering from terrorism the most. We all want peace. We want these terror organizations to disappear. However when they are done with one they get rid of it and form another one... They make them do attacks in their own countries too or the terrorist organization plan attacks to warn them to keep their support...
I am sick and tired of seeing the destroyed lives, countries for teh sake of some power games.
Eren, 15 years old, wanted to hear "so glad I have you" and now everybody saying #iyikivarsınEren 

iyi ki varsınız. so glad we have you all

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