"Heso Matsuri" vs "Aşuk ile Maşuk"

While watching tv I came across with Heso Matsuri Japanese Navel Festival.

 wait. what? isn't this Aşuk & Maşuk folk dance figures?
(Aşuk: the one who loves Maşuk: the one who is loved)

Aşuk & Maşuk, is a play performed by two male dancers about relationship between a man and woman. In this dance which approaches to love theme with humorous facts, the man is called  Aşuk - the one in love- and female is called Maşuk - the loved one.
In Aşuk & Maşuk the love form is worldly and taken from classical Ottoman poetry. In this popetry the love is one sided. Aşuk, the one who loves, is always suffers. the love is unrequited. Maşuk charms with her beauty but with her being indifferent and disloyality hurts her lover.
The dancers put their arms over their heads. The head is covered. A face is drawn over the body. Arms are put at the sides of the hips and they dress under their waist.During the dance Aşuk
courts Maşuk and Maşuk acts coyly. At the end two lovers come together and do folk dances with each other.

Heso Matsuri festival of Hokkaido began in 1969 in order to unify and energize Furano's people, who are spread over a large area. Inspired by Furano's location in the very middle of Hokkaido, the festival organizers came up with the idea of a dance featuring the bellybutton. Humor is a key reason for the festival's success. Dancers make their "heso" (bellybutton) into a face, using paint, special costumes, and props. There are many innovative variations to the simple, energetic Heso Odori (Bellybutton Dance).

the story of Aşuk & Maşuk:
Âşuk & Maşuk love each other a lot but cannot tell. One day Aşuk goes to house of Maşuk. He knocks the door and someone asks:
- Who is it?
- It's ME!
- Go away!
Aşuk is confused. He can't believe it and leaves upset. He wonders around feeling like dieying from his love to Maşuk. He can't stand it anymore and goes to her again:
- Who is it?
- It's ME!
- Go away!

Aşuk is crazy he cannot understand why she is like that. He wonders around wearing thin with his love but cannot find the reason. After days and months and years he goes back to her house again.
- Who is it?
- I'm YOU!
Maşuk calls from inside
- Come in then!
LOVE is to be able to say I'm YOU.

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