Anybody Out There (senden başka yok), Marian Keyes

Senden Başka Yok!, Marian Keyes,Zeynep Heyzen AteşWhile I was reading the book I thought how lucky I am because I would never feel what the heroine of the book experienced: losing someone you loved a lot... I have never fall in love or will ever fall in love so to feel of someone's sudden leave to where they could never be back again can cause me such a pain.
But I have other kind of pains because I am sick. Every part of my body is aching -_-


Kış Bahçesi (Winter Garden), Kristin Hannah

I admit I fast forward reading this book, skipped some parts and just read the end. It has been really hard to read a book with interest lately...
I get annoyed reading the characters struggling with their lives. I find it stupid they can't see what they should do. I wonder how my life would look  like from another person's eyes.