Alleged Armenian Massacre

So it is time again for this so called "Alleged Armenian Massacre" arguments. When Ottoman Empire began to get weak all foreign nations living in peace under Ottoman's managment decided there is nothing for them in this weak Empire anymore and with the provoking of the other nations like England, Russia, French they rose in rebellion. They attached their Turk neighbors they have lived in peace for years. And Turks fought back for their lives. Both sides lost a lot in the power games of the countries who wanted a piece of Ottoman grounds.
The documents from Russian archive clears the matter how Armenians are used in this war and how much they tortured and killed Turks. Now Armenians talk like all those things were done to them by Turks. They even killed their own kind who refused to join them. In general there isn't a planned and done massacre of Armenians by Ottoman. If they wanted to get ride of them why would they wait for years and let them live and get into high position in the managment anyway? Also they didnt wake up one morning and said hey let's kill all Armenians. Because of the all chaos created by rebelious Armenian Ottoman had to take a step and they decided forced emigration which was seen acceptable.
If there is someone who has to pay for these events they are England, Russia, French, America (Their missionaries worked well and today still working) not Turks. Because of their false promises to Armenians they lost in the war. Now these nations know it is their fault so they side with Alleged Armenian Massacre but also not complately give it either because they want to keep both sides, Turks and Armenians, in leash as usual.