rusted skills

it has been more than 15 years I haven't been in drawing. I treied to draw a few times but failed. My only a little bit drawing skill is also gone. I should have tried to improve in spite of stopping.  I missed drawing a lot.
i only drew a few simple things for my little nephew. When he was around 2 years old he was interested in farms. He used to ask us to draw him animals and trucks. At least I could do that much. Once he asked to my younger sister who isn't good at drawing at all. He was frustrated saying "that's not a cow" to my sister's drawing while she was rolling on the floor laughing. The picture was lookign like anything but a cow :)
I tried to find my old drawings on pc but they were also gone when my flashdriver was broken. I can't beleive I didn't backup it once. So all my saved stuff for about 10 years are also

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