Resurrection Ertuğrul (Dirliş Ertuğrul)

A well done history-fiction drama. From acting to scenes to clothes everything is done relly well. But I wish they put some female fighters. Since it is a fiction that not giving a history lesson or a documentary they could add those fighter Turkish woman figure too. Mother has only one female warrior who is protecting her. After she takes the head there could be more than one female warriors for her. Okay the girls fight when they ahve too but I'd like to see female warriors too. After two Korean drama I watched this is fresh. I began to watch it in 2nd season but i have been watching previous episodes since last week.

Twenty Again was a Korean drama about a 38 years old woman who decides to go to the college. She gets pregnant at the last year of highschool and gives up school following her husband to another country. It began interesting but became boring as it got close to end.
She WAs Pretty, anothr typical Korean drama which got so much interest that I didn't get because I didnt enjoy it as much as people did. 

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