Diamond no Ace, Haikyuu

Looks like Furuya is one of the most disliked character although he is not an evil one. From all comments of the followers of the series they complain a lto about him being more in spotlight than the main character. However looks like the main character's time is coming although it is already 3 years the manga began and it is second season.


This post from March tells how Furuya's pitching for is wrong and he should be injusred pitched like that and in chapter 82 we have Furuya is injured straining his back because of his wrong pitching form. So mangaka was planning to pull himdown at some point from the beginning or he will be back getting well and correcting his pitching so he will leave main character Sawamura in the dark again? or Sawamura giving good development in the last chapters will surpass his rival/teammate?

Haikyuu, moving slow, Karasuno having their second match in national tournament. it is still first set for about 8-9 chapter. I wonder how much it will be dragged. And does the drawings are abit messy lately? They make mistakes too like it is one character in one part and it is someone else in the second.

I wonder if this will be their last match. Generally in sport manga they make the main team lose after 2-3 matches when they reach the national tournament stage in their second try, fall or summer. When they fail in fall they win in summer if they failed in summer there is fall to try it again.
Also I used the teams generally begin weak and have a change with new addition first years to trying hard upperclassmen members. However for Diamond of Ace ı thought the school was a strong one at the beginning but at the end they also showed so much weakness for a baseball school with a name.

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