Eyeshield 21

I began to watch anime series of Eyeshield 21 after getting bored of rewatching Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basket, and Diamond no Ace. I have no interest in American football and the anime is like usual sport animes. We get one character who has the talent in a way but has no idea about the sport or weak in that area. In this one the team is not that "good but not good enough" or "have never been good" kind of thing. There isn't even a proper team from the beginning. With only two real members and the rest are make up players the American football club gets real members and fight for the tournament. Again as usual we lose the first one but there is still the next one which they can get stronger and win it. Let's see if they will.

It's fun I already watched 20 episodes in 2 days but what i didn't like here  is that guns coming out of nowhere and the strange characters and teams. One, Rui Habashira, is like a snake? frog? reminded me the character from Yowamushi Pedal, Midousuji Akira. How can you even talk with your tongue out??!

Let's no forget Kuroko Tetsuya kind of character there either. He wasn't so much active till now but I wonder if it will have more screen time later: Tetsuo Ishimaru.

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